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We have designed tours that can be adapted to suit your specific interests and wishes, adding or changing where we go, and with extra (or fewer) inclusions, and at three, four or five star levels of experience.

The Best Itineraries

As local specialists with over a decade of experience showcasing our country and region to visitors such as yourself, we know how to design the best tours for you.

Experienced Staff

Both in the office, and while out on tour, we are careful to provide you with the best possible experiences with the best possible people.

Quality Experiences

We can't guarantee the weather and other such variables, but we can guarantee that our people will do everything they can to make your experience as positive and pleasant as possible.

Favorite Tours

Everyone is different, and we're here to make your touring special and tailored for you. But here are a few of our most popular tours, to give you a reference point to start your planning from.

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Tour Inclusions

Every tour is different, and every tour can be customized to meet your specific requirements. But generally we include the following elements in our tours.

Transfers at the start and end

It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming arriving into a foreign country after long international flights, so we make it easy for you, and quality control your experience, by including "meet and greet" service on your arrival, and similarly, we get you back to the airport in time for your departing flight at the end.

Great touring experiences

Most of our tours are designed per couple, with transportation in a comfortable car with a local driver (and possibly a second person as local guide). This gives you comfort and convenience, and you're in charge of your day's itinerary rather than being forced to conform to a large group.


Our general plan is to include breakfasts every morning, and occasionally other meals too (for feature meals or where there are no choices or if we can negotiate a good price with meals). But we keep some meal times open for you to do your own thing as it suits you best, plus offering a meal package if you prefer.


Do you like to treat yourself to the finest of international standard five star hotels? Or do you view a hotel as merely somewhere to sleep each night and you prefer to save money on where you stay. Or a mix of both? Let us know, we'll make it happen.

Domestic travel

This can be hard to arrange on your own. We can do all this too. For example, if your tour includes travel between Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) and Almaty (and many tours do) why not enjoy this as an overnight train journey in a modern sleeper train? However you wish to travel between places on your tour (air if you prefer), we will arrange things to suit your preferences.

24/7 support and service

All of us are united in a common dedication to provide you with the most comfortable and convenient experience during your time touring with us. We give you multiple ways to contact your guides and our senior management staff, at any time, for any reason, if we can help ensure the highest quality experience for you.

Choose Your Tour(s)

Which country - or countries - would you like to visit? You can select from our recommended tours in each country, adding them together if desired, or choose from our multi-country tours. And if there's a special itinerary that you already know you want to experience and enjoy, we'll create that exactly for you.

Map of Kazakhstan


Most visitors choose to include Kazakhstan when visiting this region.
We've put together a selection of tours that best showcases this amazing and varied country for you.


Rich in unspoiled natural beauty, Kyrgyzstan is a land of mountains, lakes, and beautiful vistas.
We'll be adding Kyrgyzstan touring shortly.


Just because it is the smallest doesn't mean you shouldn't also visit Tajikistan, including Ismoil Somoni Peak, the 50th tallest mountain in the world (at 24,590 ft/7495m, not an easy place to include on our normal tours!).
We'll be adding Tajikistan touring shortly.


A very empty country (although, literally beneath the surface, full of natural gas), there's still plenty to see and enjoy in Turkmenistan.
We'll be adding Turkmenistan touring shortly.


Yes, you too can travel - and in modern comfort - on the fabled "Golden Road to Samarkand", once at the heart of the ancient Silk Road (which also passes through most of the other 'stan countries too).
We'll be adding Uzbekistan touring shortly.

Multi-Country Tours

You are of course free to choose what and where you go, as best suits you. But over 75% of visitors to this region visit at least two of the 'stan countries - usually Kazakhstan plus one or two more.
So we can help you wherever in this region you wish to go. We'll be adding multi-country itineraries shortly.

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Almaty City Tour

Almaty is simultaneously ancient and modern, and always an interesting city.

Our tour of the city will show you 19th century architecture, monuments, and magnificent street art, large distinctive modern buildings, and smaller historic structures.

The tour is a great opportunity to understand the history of the city and to see the magnificent landscapes of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain range immediately outside the city!

During this tour you will reach a height of 10,000 ft (3200 m) above sea level, where you can take unforgettable photos over the city and beyond.

The guided tour is available in a selection of languages and typically starts between 9-10am when you are collected from your hotel, and you’re returned back at the end of the tour, usually between 5-6pm.  The tour is a mix of walking and being driven.

Among highlights are traveling a short distance out of town to the Medeo ice skating rink and Shymbulak ski resort (both fascinating all year round), and within the city, visiting Republic Square, the Panfilovsky Park of 28 Heroes, and the Green Bazaar.

Tour Details

All day (8 hours)

Activity Level


Tour Price

$70-120 per person