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Our Story

We have been in business since 2002.  To put that in context, Kazakhstan became independent in 1991, so our corporate history is only a little shorter than that of our country.

Our almost 18 years in business have seen tremendous changes in our country and region, and we’re not boasting when we say “we’ve seen it all”.

We’ve built up close working relationships with the key suppliers of quality tourist products in the region, and offer you the benefits that come from that.

To help you, we have a well trained and friendly staff, speaking English, Kazakh, and Russian.  We understand your expectations as an international guest in our home country, and are keen to help ensure it is as positive as possible, in line with what you seek and wish, and offered at a fair value.

We are here to assist in any way.  As the saying goes, the only foolish question is the one never asked.  So, please, feel free to ask us anything about everything (or should that be around the other way?) and if we don’t immediately know, we’ll be pleased to research and find out for you.

Our Mission ...

... is to provide the most appropriate experiences to showcase our country and region to foreign visitors, with excellent responsive service and at a price that is fair for all.

We're Here to Help You

We are all here to help you. We hope that during your time planning and arranging your travels, and possibly while you're in-country too, we'll have a chance to get to know you and add a friendly and personal touch to our working together.

Elena Terechshenko

Owner / Director
Elena founded TriptoKZ in 2002, and in the years since then has grown it to become one of the leading travel services, helping foreign visitors with their travels to Kazakhstan and the other 'stan countries. Her favorite part of the job is creating new and custom itineraries, to help new visitors get the best possible experience when visiting her home country. Her favorite part of Kazakhstan is the Mangistau region in the west of the country. She likes its undeveloped and unspoiled natural beauty, its stunning landscapes, and its emptiness. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, reading, cooking, swimming, and - no surprise here - traveling. Elena is married and has two children. She speaks English, Russian, and Kazakh.

Yuliana Yakupchak

Manager, Bookings/Reservations Department
Yuliana is a long time member of the TriptoKZ team, having joined in 2004, and now heads the Booking and Reservations Department. She always teaches her people that ensuring the complexities of each person's travel arrangements are made perfectly requires high responsibility and professionalism. She enjoys helping travelers to see more than they expected and to leave Kazakhstan with wonderful memories. Her favorite part of Kazakhstan is Katon-Karagay in the Eastern part of our country. This is a region of pristine nature, where the rarest plants and endangered animals feel comfortable. Only there you can see an incredible combination of snowy mountains, colorful rocks, crystal lakes and mountain rivers, cedar treed taiga and beautiful berry glades. Yuliana is married with three children. In her spare time she enjoys doing things with her children, trekking, reading, traveling and sports. Her dream is to go on a transatlantic cruise

Dina Kurmanbayeva

Manager, Guiding/Touring Department
Dina has been in the travel industry for seven years, the last five of which have been with TriptoKZ, and now heads up and coordinates all the company's customer-facing experiences, guiding and touring. She loves to get out of the office and lead tours herself, giving her a chance to see her country again, freshly, through the eyes of its first time (and repeat) visitors. Her favorite part of Kazakhstan is the Almaty region and South Kazakhstan. Her parents were born in these regions and as a child she often spent time in these places. In her spare time, when she does not work, she is engaged in self-development, attends various seminars and master classes. She is a volunteer at a charity club where volunteers knit woolen goods for premature babies. Dina is married and says she is a very good Kazakh daughter-in-law who honors the Kazakh traditions and customs. Her native language is Kazakh. She also speaks Russian, English and a little Turkish.


As our business steadily grows, we're always on the lookout for highest quality people to become part of our group of enthusiastic "ambassadors", helping our foreign guests best enjoy their experiences while touring in our region.

If you’re familiar with the regions we sell, and have some experience with travel, and especially if you speak an additional language (in addition to Russian and Kazakh), perhaps you’d like to join our small and friendly team of travel agents/ambassadors and help our foreign guests with their travel plans.

Can you help us maintain our steady international growth?  If you’re living somewhere in the world that is one of our identified target markets, and if you’re familiar with the travel industry, maybe we can work together to introduce more people to Kazakhstan and the other -stan destinations.

Get in touch with Elena, and let’s discuss.

If you’ve an accident free record, don’t get lost, and understand how to drive competently, courteously and safely, then maybe you’re the sort of person we can trust behind the wheel with our visitors.

You don’t need to speak any foreign languages, but if you can, that’s definitely a plus.

Our tour guides have an awesome responsibility, because they are the front line service providers that interface between the destinations and experiences, and our visitors seeking to enjoy them.

If you have excellent language skills, and a depth of destination knowledge. we’d love to hear from you.

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Almaty City Tour

Almaty is simultaneously ancient and modern, and always an interesting city.

Our tour of the city will show you 19th century architecture, monuments, and magnificent street art, large distinctive modern buildings, and smaller historic structures.

The tour is a great opportunity to understand the history of the city and to see the magnificent landscapes of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain range immediately outside the city!

During this tour you will reach a height of 10,000 ft (3200 m) above sea level, where you can take unforgettable photos over the city and beyond.

The guided tour is available in a selection of languages and typically starts between 9-10am when you are collected from your hotel, and you’re returned back at the end of the tour, usually between 5-6pm.  The tour is a mix of walking and being driven.

Among highlights are traveling a short distance out of town to the Medeo ice skating rink and Shymbulak ski resort (both fascinating all year round), and within the city, visiting Republic Square, the Panfilovsky Park of 28 Heroes, and the Green Bazaar.

Tour Details

All day (8 hours)

Activity Level


Tour Price

$70-120 per person