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Why Visit Kazakhstan (and our neighbors)?

Our region, and particularly Kazakhstan itself, offers a unique combination of being one of the world's last frontiers of tourism, while also being safe and civilized. We have one of the world's most modern cities with all the high quality shopping and amenities you'd want, and not far away, some of the world's oldest rock paintings. We have beautiful unspoiled nature in every form, from craggy snow covered mountains (great for winter skiing!), through beautiful forests and lakes, to our own version of the Grand Canyon. Please keep reading, then double-please, come and experience our amazing country and region in person.

Astana - an Extraordinary City

In 1997 the government moved the capital from its historic location in beautiful traditional Almaty, to the stunning new city of Astana. Kazakhstan embarked on an amazing building program, with international architects designing an amazing variety of distinctive buildings to a master plan created by a Japanese architect. The result has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Note that between March 2019 and September 2022, Astana was briefly renamed as Nur-Sultan.

Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon is an easy day tour experience from Almaty, or a wonderful overnight stay. It stretches 56 miles/90 km and matches America's Grand Canyon for scenic splendor and majesty. Come see for yourself!

Experience our Culture and Heritage

See the traditions of the nomadic Kazakh people, including a stunning display of eagle or falcon hunting. There's something for everyone in amazing and varied Kazakhstan.

Popular Multi-Day Tours

We can customize and arrange any type of experience you wish - any duration, any itinerary, any standard. Here are three of our most popular tours as starting points for you to consider.

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“Kazakhstan is still a blank canvas. The sky literally is the limit, judging by the futuristic and high-rise architecture in its capital Astana. The combination of an upcoming capital and nomad traditions in the vast steps surrounding the city, make a wonderful and enjoyable contrast. Luxury accommodation still is very affordable and the friendly population is extremely service minded.”
Tanya de Grave
“Astana was a totally unknown destination, but a surprisingly positive one. The population is very hospitable and with Borovoe a few hours' drive from the capital, you get a beautiful piece of nature!”
Dimitri Ramondino
Travel Agent
“Kazakhstan should be your next MICE destination. It has an untapped potential for adventure travel, and it is a country with lots of wonderful off-the-beaten-path tourist experiences. I loved the sense of open space on the steppes – all you see is the sky, earth and horses. I really felt the nomadic sense of freedom and hospitality – it seems to be in their DNA.”
Silvia Berto
MICE Travel Manager
“Our vacation in the Almaty area was one of the best trips ever. The excursions were super, indeed, so was everything else. We really loved Dina and appreciated all her help – she is a very smart, polite and attentive lady. Thank you very much.”
Kristīne Štāla-Bula

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Almaty City Tour

Almaty is simultaneously ancient and modern, and always an interesting city.

Our tour of the city will show you 19th century architecture, monuments, and magnificent street art, large distinctive modern buildings, and smaller historic structures.

The tour is a great opportunity to understand the history of the city and to see the magnificent landscapes of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain range immediately outside the city!

During this tour you will reach a height of 10,000 ft (3200 m) above sea level, where you can take unforgettable photos over the city and beyond.

The guided tour is available in a selection of languages and typically starts between 9-10am when you are collected from your hotel, and you’re returned back at the end of the tour, usually between 5-6pm.  The tour is a mix of walking and being driven.

Among highlights are traveling a short distance out of town to the Medeo ice skating rink and Shymbulak ski resort (both fascinating all year round), and within the city, visiting Republic Square, the Panfilovsky Park of 28 Heroes, and the Green Bazaar.

Tour Details

All day (8 hours)

Activity Level


Tour Price

$70-120 per person