99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Not far from Almaty city, in the colorful mountains of Alatau, there is the Butakovskoe Gorge, famous for its waterfalls. Tourists come here to admire the magnificent views, enjoy the pleasant coolness on the hottest days.

Season: January-December
Best period: July-November
Route difficulty: easy trekking
Elevation changes: 1600-2300 m

The road runs through the Kim-Asar, or Komissarskoe, Gorge. The route passes along the Kimasar river leading to the gorge. Verdurous mountains are fascinating.

The main sites to be seen at the Butakovskoe Gorge are its waterfalls. The largest one is the Nizhnij (Lower) waterfall. Here, mountain streams fall down from the height of 15 meters under the admiring glances of tourists. The Verkhnij (Upper) waterfall is smaller, located at the top of the gorge two kilometers from the Nizhnij (Lower) waterfall. If you pass into the left branch, you will run into an almost vertical rock. It is amazing that for thousands of years, a very small stream has worn the rock by half and created fanciful patterns in the stone.

Below, the waterfall widens out for more than fifteen meters. The water spray rises in the air bursting with rainbows on sunny days. Here you can make wonderful photos against a rainbow. Extreme sports for casual tourists include the icy waterfall shower. Experienced climbers will enjoy the rock mass with plenty of opportunities to test yourself.

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