99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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The Dzungarian Alatau (Almaty Region, Kazakhstan)

We invite you to a four-day trip through the Alatau gorges to the majestic Burkhan Bulak Waterfall

Route: The Dzungarian Alatau (Almaty Region, Kazakhstan)
Season: June to October
Recommended period: August to September
Route difficulty: easy trekking
Height difference: 2000-2700 m above sea level. 


Day 1. From Almaty to Taldykorgan and Taubulak Tourist Camp

Tourists arrive at Taldykorgan at about 10 AM. We offer a visit to the museum of local lore. Lunch and transfer to Taubulak Tourist Camp. During the six-hour trip we will have stops in the most beautiful and amazing places of Alatau. We will reach the camp at about 5 PM. Accommodation and rest.

The mountains are a natural border with China. There is a unique place here – the Kora Gorge, where the Kora River flows. These places were closed for visiting as borderlands, which allowed to protect maral deer and mountain goats against extermination.

Day 2. From Taubulak Camp to the Burkhan Bulak Gorge and Trilsay

You will have a busy day. The 13-km hiking path begins with ascent to the Burkhan Bulak Gorge to see the top storey of the majestic waterfall. Water falls down with rattle, creating clouds of the tiniest splatter. This beautiful picture is amplified by numerous rainbows and a background of rocks covered with green moss. The waterfall gains its maximum power in the middle of summer, and is frozen in winter.

Tourists come to the Karatau Range, and then their path lies to the lake in the Trilsay Gorge. Here they camp down for the overnight stay.

Day 3. Visiting Gorges and return to Taubulak

We need to get up early, so we have time to visit three famous gorges. At first, the path lies to the Karatau Ridge, then there is a pass to Tentekbulak. The nature here is fascinating, and you want to enjoy it over and over. Travelers will descent to Kora and return back to Taubulak. After the 14 km-hiking, everyone will need a good rest at the tourist camp.

Day 4. Departure from Taubulak Camp to Taldykorgan and back to Almaty

After breakfast we leave the camping site and go to Taldykorgan, stopping for lunch on the way. Tourists arrive at Almaty at about 8 PM.

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