99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Aktau-Zhanaozen-Aktau (Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan)

We invite you to visit the amazing land of Mangistau. It resembles a fantastic lost world, which fascinated even the famous Cousteau. He made several dives in the Caspian Sea.

Route: Aktau-Zhanaozen-Aktau (Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan)

Season: April to November 

Recommended period: May to June and October to November


Day 1. From Aktau to Boszhyra

At 8 AM tourists depart to the city of Zhanaozen, which is 150km from Aktau, then go to the Boszhyra Canyon. Upon arrival at the panoramic platform, you will have a photo session. This place creates a feeling of unearthly nature. The valley is surrounded by mountains of unusually changing colors. And the most surprising thing is that everything here is white.

Descent to the valley, camping down and free time, overnight stay.

Day 2. From Boszhyra to Tuyesu and further to Zhanaozen

Departure to Tuyesu – a sandy area with constantly changing barkhans, which surprise you over and over. It looks like uninhabited place, only in the morning on the sand you can see traces of night inhabitants.

Walk, lunch and transfer to Zhanaozen.

The depths of Mangistau hide huge treasures – this what the ancient peoples believed, and the Russian expedition provided evidence to this. Since the 1960's, geologists began to work here, discovering deposits of gas and oil.

Accommodation at the hotel, dinner.

Day 3. From Zhanaozen to Cape Tokmak, to the Karakiya Depression and to Aktau

After breakfast, we depart to Kenderli, where soon there will the Kazakh sea resort. The cape Tokmak is nearby, about which there is almost no information, but it strikes the imagination. During each archaeological excavation, certain discoveries are made here, which often bewilder scientists.

On the cape there are structures, which date back to the first millennium BCE. Presumably, this is a facility for the construction of ancient ships. Here ships could be moored to transship goods and send them by caravans along the Silk Road. In these places, a burial site of the Neolithic era was found.

Walk to the Karakiya Depression, translated as "black mouth". This is one of the deepest depressions in the world. It could have appeared as a result of the seismic pit, due to the millennial work of the wind or because of the rock erosion by the waves of the Caspian Sea.

Lunch on the background of a picturesque view of the depression and transfer to its lowest point. Then we return to Aktau.

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