99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

A fascinating tour to the southern bank of Lake Balkhash and across the desert where fragments of the ancient civilizations have survived.

Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

Season: January to December

Recommended period: March to April and October to November


Day 1. Moving to Karamergen

In the morning we start for Almaty. We arrive at the ancient hillfort at about 6:30 p.m. An overnight stay in a camp.

Day 2. A tour around Karamergen and to the Valley of a Thousand Lakes 

You are welcome to meet the rising sun in the ruins of an ancient city. You can take unique and mysterious photos here. After breakfast we move to the valley to take more photos. We put up tents and have dinner.

Day 3. The Valley of a Thousand Lakes

Sunrise shooting on by the lakes. You have a whole day of free time.

Day 4. A trip to Lake Balkhash

Taking sunrise photos near a barkhan. A trip along the bank of Lake Balkhash. Putting up a camp near the backwater.

Day 5. The backwater. A trip to Ar Zhar Barkhan

Taking sunrise photos on the bank. A trip along Lake Balkhash to the foot of the barkhan. Free time for photo shooting. 

Day 6. Moving to the bank of Lake Balkhash

Early photo shooting on the barkhan. Breakfast and a tour along the bank. Arriving at the black backwater. Preparing for an overnight stay in the camp.

Day 7. To the Karatal River

Sunrise photo shooting, breakfast, and departure for Lepsi settlement. A trip to the Karatal bank after lunch. An overnight stay in a camp. You can go fishing if you want.

Day 8. The Karatal River and departure for Almaty

Sunrise shooting on by the Karatal River. Going back to Almaty with a lunch on the way. Arriving in the city at about 8 p.m.

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