99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

We invite you to go on an exciting jeep trip to the Altyn-Emel Park, to see the beauty of the Charyn Canyon and spend four unforgettable days in the wild.

Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

Season: January to December


Day 1. Visit to the Altyn-Emel Park and the Singing Barkhan

Having left Almaty at 9 AM, tourists arrive at the national park at about 12 AM. Here you will have a tour to the wonder of Kazakhstan –- the Singing Barkhan, and the dinner at the spring.

The Barkhan appeared between the mountains due to the wind rose. It is a mountain of the tiniest sand that sounds like organ music from every puff of wind. With a strong wind, the rumble resembles that of a running engine, and if there is almost no wind, a barely noticeable haze rises over the barkhan. The reasons for the appearance of these sounds were of interest to many scientists, but no one could throw light on the musical abilities of the sand. Nowadays, it is the state natural sanctuary.

Transfer to the Ili River, dinner and overnight stay in tents.

Day 2. Trip to the mountains of Katutau and Aktau

It is customary to translate Katutau as the "harsh mountains". This massif of volcanic origin has a rather ominous appearance. Nowadays, we can enjoy the amazing view created by the streams of solidified lava and crater remnants. 

Picnic and transfer to Aktau

This is perhaps the most beautiful place in the park. The mountains were once the bottom of the sea, which filled the pit. The sea vanished, but the picturesque canyons and gorges of bizarre forms remained. Sheer walls shimmer with different colors and amaze tourists. The place is a paleontological site, there are remains of ancient animals and plant prints.

Overnight stay in tents.

Day 3. Aktau Mountains and visit to the Charyn Canyon

After breakfast, transfer to the Ashen Grove. An interesting tour and a picnic await you there.

The grove has relic plants, which date back to mammoth age, and today they delight the eyes of tourists. The grove is named after the Sogdian ash, which appeared here five million years ago. It is a natural sanctuary under government protection.

Trip to the Canyon and a tour to the Valley of Castles

Many are eager to see the Charyn Canyon, which resembles the US Grand Canyon, but is smaller in size. This is a unique place, amazing with its grandeur and beauty. Nature created a bizarre relief from intersecting hollows and deep ravines. "Valley of Castles" is called so because its towers of sedimentary rocks are incredibly similar to majestic castles. All this is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Overnight stay in tents.

Day 4. Return from the Charyn Canyon back to Almaty

After breakfast, we invite you for a walk along the Canyon. Here you can make beautiful and unusual photos. Transfer to Almaty, stop for lunch on the way. Arrival at about 7 PM.

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