99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty region (Kazakhstan)

We invite you to visit the Kol’say Lake system, including water bodies located at different heights. The natural landmark makes an indelible impression due to its beauty and grandeur.

Season: January-December


Day 1. From Almaty city to the Kol’say Lakes

Tourists leave Almaty at 07:00 and around 12:00 they reach the Lakes. Dinner. Tour to the picturesque lake of Kaindy.

Another name for the lake is Berezovoe. It is located at an altitude of 200 meters surrounded by coniferous forests. The water body appeared only recently, in 1911, after an earthquake that had caused a landslide, which turned into a natural dam. Low temperature allows to preserve the needles of the flooded fir trees, they are visible when looking into the transparent water surface. Tree trunks rise from the water, like the ship masts. They seem unreal and mystical. This is the sight that is definitely worth seeing.

Return to the village and stop at the guest house. Dinner and free time.

Day 2. Trekking to the Kol’say Lakes

Breakfast at 07:00 and trekking from the first to the second lake of Kol’say. On the way, lunch is planned. The largest and the most beautiful lake can be visited either on foot, or ahorse. A lot of mushrooms and berries can be found nearby.

Among the alpine meadows and fir tree forests there hides the Verkhnee (Upper) Lake. It is small and picturesque. Tourists admire the high mountain landscape and amazing flora.

The Nizhnee (Lower) Lake is reached by car or on foot. Here, the nature itself has created excellent opportunities for recreation. You can go fishing for rainbow trout.

Staying overnight. Dinner.

Day 3. From the Kol’say Lakes to Almaty city

Breakfast at the hotel, departure to Almaty city. During the trip, a visit to the Sharyn Canyon is offered, a tour through the enchanting “Valley of Castles”.

Sharyn Canyon is a natural landmark. Its origin dates back as far as the Paleogene Period, and it is similar to the US Grand Canyon, only smaller. Steep slopes rise to a height of 150-300 meters. The bizarre relief is formed by intersecting depressions and overhanging beams. Over the millennia of existence, water and gusts of wind created the “Valley of Castles” from sedimentary rocks. The structures of amazing beauty remind ornate castles. It is interesting to walk around the towers, admiring the nature’s powers.

Departure to Almaty city, arrival at 19:00.

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