99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

We offer a tour of moderate difficulty that includes a number of picturesque places, historical and cultural centers of Semirechye for amateur cyclists.

Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

Season: May to September.


Day 1. To Turgen Gorge and the Assy Plateau

Early arrival at the starting point and preparations for the start. The route includes Turgen Gorge, which lies in a nature park where coniferous forests give way to relict spruce groves that feel like a soft carpet on the ground. The place also boasts alpine meadows, mountain spring-wells, lakes, and hot springs.

The tourists can see the 28 m high Medvezhy Waterfall. The touch of cold suspended water is very refreshing on a hot day. After lunch, we move to the Assy Plateau and put up a camp.

Day 2. We explore the Assy Plateau and move to Bartogay Lake  

The cycling route leads to the Assy Plateau, which is surrounded by mountain ridges and glaciers. The rivers are flanked by trees. The plateau has been used as a pasture ground since ancient time and is presently of national importance. It offers some remarkable rock art and old tombs. Besides, a mountain tip observatory is located there.

We have lunch and keep moving to the lake. The lake was created for the purpose of field irrigation. Water is fed from June to September at up to 100 m3 per second.

We put up a camp for the night.

Day 3. We move to the Aspen Grove, Sharyn Canyon, and Kolsay Lakes

After breakfast, cyclists start for the Aspen Grove. We stop for a picnic on our way. We then drive to the Aspen Grove for an excursion.

The place is unique as it is home to relict aspen that were first brought here five million years ago. It is presently a natural monument. The oldest trees in the grove are believed to be more than 1000 years old.

We move to Sharyn Canyon for lunch and an excursion. The place is coeval with Grand Canyon and boasts breathtaking relief. Tourists have an opportunity to admire nature's beautiful creation, the Valley of Castles, which wind and water have been shaping for thousands of years.

Driving to the lakes in Saty settlement. Check-in for the night, dinner, and steam bath.

Day 4. Kolsay Lakes

A trip to Kolsay Lakes, which are commonly referred to as a Pearl of Tian Shan. You are invited to visit the biggest of the lakes with plenty of berries and mushrooms around it. You can also order a horse-riding tour. Luch and rest. Return trip to the settlement.

Day 5. To Lake Kaindy

After breakfast we start for Lake Kaindy. It is a young lake that emerged in the last century due to an earthquake. The place looks incredible with trunks of drowned trees protruding from the clear water, in which you can see fir needles. Returning to the settlement for dinner.

Day 6. Returning to Almaty

A bike trip around the picturesque Kolsay Lake. Returning to Saty and departing for Almaty.

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