99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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The Dzungarian Alatau (Almaty Region, Kazakhstan)

We invite you to a three-day tour of the Dzungarian Alatau. You will find a way through the gorge of Kora, along the ancient glaciers of Saldyrtas and across the pass.

Route: The Dzungarian Alatau (Almaty Region, Kazakhstan)
Season: June to October
Recommended period: August to September
Route difficulty: average difficulty trekking
Elevation: 2000-3300 m above sea level. 


Day 1. From Almaty to Taldykorgan and Taubulak

Early departure at 7 AM and arrival at Taldykorgan at about 10 AM. You will have an opportunity to visit a museum of local lore.

Lunch. Transfer to Taubulak Tourist Camp. The trip lasts six hours, we plan to make several stops in the most picturesque places. We arrive at the camping site at about 5 PM. Accommodation, rest and dinner.

The Kora Gorge, with the Kora River flowing along the bottom, is impressive. It is very green, with bears, maral deer and mountain goats. The border with China lies along the mountains. For a long time it was a restricted area, so the nature remained pristine.

Day 2. The Saldyrtas Gorge and glacier

You will have an early wake-up, in order to have time to visit the gorge and climb the glacier. First you need to get to the other side, climb to the river and to the glacier through the gorge. Here we camp down. Overnight stay. You will need some rest after 10-km hiking. 

Day 3. From the glacier to the Tyuyte Pass, visiting the Tekeshbulak Gorge

After breakfast, we begin the ascent to the pass. At the bottom the slope is crumbled, and at the top there is a glacier, mild at the beginning, which later gets steep and transforms into the pass.

Then tourists go down the slope to the Tekeshbulak Gorge. It is necessary to use ski crampons and to move as roped teams. After passing the glacier, we have a stop and camp down. Dinner.

Day 4. The Tekeshbulak Gorge and Kora, back to Taubulak

The day begins early, so you will have enough time to visit morainic lakes. The nearest one is at the very glacier. The water in it is ice-cold. The surrounding glades are wrapped in fragrant flowers. A little to the north there is a second lake, from which the Tyuyte River springs. Our descent into the gorge continues along the river. Return back to the Taubulak Tourist Camp. Rest after the 14-km hiking.

Day 5. Departure from Taubulak to Taldykorgan and back to Almaty

After breakfast we leave the tourist camp. Lunch will be on the way. We return to Almaty at about 8 PM.

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