99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty (Kazakhstan)

The closest glacier to Almaty – the Bogdanovich Glacier – is located in the Small Almaty spur of Trans-Ili Alatau. The sightseeing platform shows a breathtaking view of the mountain peaks.

Season: January-December
Best period: June-November
Route difficulty: easy trekking
Elevation changes: 3160-3360 m

The glacier is located under the very slope of the Nursultan peak. This natural landmark was named on behalf of the professor of geology of Russian-Polish origin K.I. Bogdanovich. The scientist investigated the earthquake that destroyed Vernyj city in 1910. He made a great contribution to the seismological studies of the region. Together with D. Mushketov and I. Karl, he compiled a plan for Vernyj city.

Tourists are attracted by the magnificent views of the peaks of Nursultan, Amangeldy, and Karlytau. The route to the glacier starts at a height of 3200 meters above sea level. The route runs along a solid path, slowly moving upwards. Zigzag road leads to the beginning of the glacier, where guests will rest and have lunch in the midst of the mountains.

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