99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Day 1
Day 1. Welcome to Almaty

The mild climate attracts tourists all year round, and the active trade life with dozens of shops, casinos and restaurants will satisfy the wishes of the most demanding travelers. The snowy ridges of the Trans-Ili Alatau  carefully frame the city and create delightful panoramas for evening contemplation and heart-to-heart talks.

Day 2
Day 2. City tour around Almaty

The  guide will begin the excursion in central part of Almaty, with a short stop at the Monument of Independence. Passing by the Central Library, the Abay State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, with a glimpse on a new walking Panfilov street you will know more about history and development of the Southern capital of Kazakhstan from ancient time till nowadays

Day 3
Day 3. The greatness and power of nature

Charyn canyon carved Charyn river flowing from the slopes of the Tien Shan, one of the most imposing canyons in the world: its length is 150 km, and the height of the walls is 200 meters. By the way, the Statue of Liberty reaches only 93 meters…  Charyn Canyon can be interpreted as a visual aid in geography: here, as in a time machine, you can see all the processes of formation of rocks and reliefs.

Day 4
Day 4. The breath of time

Meeting with the Guide at the reception. Departure to the lake “Issyk” with a visit of the historical and cultural museum-reserve “Issyk”. The calm surface of the lake is surrounded by meadows and forests that inhabit more than 150 species of birds and 30 animals, including mountain goats, leopards, bears and lynx. On the shores of the Lake grows the delicate flower Edelweiss with which people of Kazakhstan connect many of their legends and stories.

Day 5
Day 5. The rhythm of the capital

Sightseeing tour of Astana. In 1997, the president Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to move the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to Astana. This decision caused controversial assessments: on the one hand, it was a challenge to the deserted Asian steppe, on the other hand, it was received as a hymn to the human reason and modern technology.

Day 6
Day 6. Where the Ages Meet

Meeting with the guide at the hotel reception. A walk along the embankment of the river Esil. It is the favorite place for citizens and guests of the capital to have a rest. Panoramas of the city, street artists, musicians, sellers of homemade fast food and many funny attractions – there is everything to have a good time and to get a boost of energy.

Day 7
Day 7. The Path to home

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, check out from the hotel.

Meeting with the driver, transfer to the airport.

Registration, baggage drop and exit to the flight departing .

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