99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

We invite you to an unforgettable trip to the bosom of pristine nature – the park "Altyn-Emel" and the Charyn Nature Park.

Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan)

Season: January to December


Day 1. Transfer from Almaty to the National Park

Tourists depart from Almaty in the morning, and arrive at the nature reserve by noon. During the tour you will see and hear the Singing barkhan, then you will have rest and a picnic.

The Barkhan is called a "singing" one, because when the wind blows it makes sounds resembling organ music. This natural wonder is located near the Ili River. During the sandstorm, it makes threatening drumbeat sounds. Having climb to the top, you can admire the beautiful view of the neighborhood: the picturesque valley is spread  below with the running Ili River, in the west you can see the Great Kalkan (Bolshoy Kalkan), in the east – the Small Kalkan (Malyi Kalkan), mountain ridges of Boguty and Sogety rise in the south.

Accommodation at the hotel and dinner.

Day 2. The way to Altyn-Emel

After breakfast, we begin the tour to the mountains, where the outdoor lunch is planned.

The White Mountains or Aktau are the significant sites of paleontology. They have preserved remains of the most ancient animals that inhabited this territory about 30 million years ago. Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of these places, the mountains gleam with different colors.

The Harsh Mountains or Katutau are known for their extinguished volcanoes. Only solidified lava testifies to their former activity. The mountains are steep, waterless with many beautiful canyons with rock paintings on their walls.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3. Trip from Altyn-Emel to the Charyn Canyon and back to Almaty

After breakfast we make a trip to the Ashen Grove, which is located on the bank of the Temerlik River. The picnic awaits you here.

These places have a very unique plant life: in the grove there grows the relic ash tree which appeared here five million years ago. It is so ancient that dates back to mammoth age. You can see plants that are over a thousand years old.

To the Charyn Canyon, a trip through the Valley of Castles

Formed in the Paleogene, the Canyon is a unique natural object. It resembles the famous US Grand Canyon, but is smaller in size. The Charyn Canyon fascinates with its relief, formed as a patterned network of overhanging hollows and deep ravines. The influence of wind and water for thousands of years resulted in the formation of towers that resemble castles. You are treated to sweeping views of natural design of incredible beauty.

Return to Almaty by 20:00.

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