99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Almaty region (Kazakhstan)

We invite you to a two-day tour to the Altyn-Emel’ National Park. The Dzhungarian Alatau carefully preserves endangered species of flora and fauna.

Season: January-December

Tour program

Day 1. From Almaty to the National Park

Tourists start trekking at 07:00 and arrive in location by 10:00. The rock painting tour and a picnic is planned. The Taygak Gorge will reveal to you various inscriptions of prayers, drawings of hunting scenes.

Visiting the "Five Tents" mounds

Mounds of the ancient Sakas attract many tourists to the park. The Sakas lived on this territory in the 6th century BCE. Besshatyr includes 18 mounds of different diameters and heights. Some of the burial mounds were studied by archaeologists.

Transfer to the hotel to rest.

Day 2. Altyn-Emel’ and return to Almaty city

Breakfast, a trip to the Singing Barkhan.

Not far from the Ili river, between the mountain range, there is the Singing Barkhan rising to a height of 120 meters. It is a mountain of fine sand, which “sings” when the wind blows, resembling the sounds of a pipe organ. If a sand storm is approaching, the barkhan sounds like a beating of a drum.

This place shows an amazing view of the surroundings. In the south, there is the flowing Ili River, the mountains of Boguty and Sogety, and farther south there is the Ketmen’ range. In the west, there is the Bol’shoj (Great) Kalkan, in the east – the Malyj (Small) Kalkan. If you look to the north, you can see the Dzhungarian Alatau and numerous mountain peaks. The green valley stretches below.

At 12:00, transfer to the hotel. A tour to the natural landmarks of Aktau and Katutau.

Aktau (the White Mountains) is a paleontological landmark, here the remains of animals have been found, whose age is about 30 million years.

In the Mountains of Katutau you can see extinguished volcanoes with arrays of hardened lava. Rocks different in color and relief look unusual, creating a unique view of these places. There are steep rocks and a lot of quaint gorges, sometimes you can meet argali.

At 18:00 departure to Almaty city, arrival at about 22:00.

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