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About Kazakhstan
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Recreation in Kazakhstan – best options for the holiday

Kazakhstan  is rather interesting tourist resort area that which multiple attractions will amaze even the most  exacting tourists. Climatic conditions in the country allow for developing new kinds of tourism

Major attractions of Kazakhstan

Plenty of the cleanest rivers and lakes, unique canyons, as well as many national parks and nature reserves welcome tourists from year to year and make them come back here after some time. If you plan your summer holidays in Kazakhstan,  we offer  to see the following places of interests. 

For tramps and archaists, it is worth visiting the Sharyn Canyon reaching the depth of two hundred meters.  This area is a historical landmark and real pearl of Kazakhstan.  The canyon flavor is the magnificent Valley of Castles – the rock unit with the shape resembling huge manmade towers.  Generally, Sharyn consists of sediment rocks aged up to 12 million years. It is worth noting that the astonishing landscapes break during sunset when everything turns purple.

One more place of interest in multicolored Kazakhstan is the Kaindy Lake. In the old days, the elements had continued unabated here and caused breaking the rock which blocked up the magnificent river. Since that time, the cleanest deep lake with the sunken fir-tree trunks has appeared in the place where the river had been before. There are many tourists always here, but this the place that is ideal for feeling unity with the nature.   When you plan your holiday in Kazakhstan, don’t pass up visiting the Kaindy Lake. 

Surely, millions of tourists visit Kazakhstan to see the legendary Great Silk Road that covered a significant part of the country in ancient times. Today, there are a lot of historical monuments located here: ruins of magnificent castles, unique architectural structures, and ancient fortresses.

Each traveler wishes to go along the Great Silk Road in Kazakhstan. This is the place where caravan tracks along which the travelling salespeople were slowly moving from China to Middle East and Europe in the old days rise at a flash.

TRANSAVIA TOUR will arrange the best holiday in Kazakhstan for you to remember for life and have the greatest impressions. 

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