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 Excursions around Kazakhstan

Unique excursions offered by TRANSAVIA TOUR will make you familiar with numerous places of interests of Kazakhstan, as well as make you holidays gay and insightful.  All excursions provide for trip, meals and guide assistance. Each program takes 1-2 days, so you can go for a weekend with your family or friends.    Today, the most popular excursions are the following:

  • Kaindy Lake;

  • Big Almaty Lake;

  • Singing Barchan;

  • Shymbulak resort. 

Kaindy is a unique pearl of Kazakhstan, one of the major attractions, the beauty created by the nature. More than a hundred years ago, the elements had continued unabated here and caused the rockslide. The fallen rocks blocked up the river and the marvelous lake with the whole pine forest sunken till now has appeared in the place where the river had been before. If you plan excursions around Kazakhstan, don’t pass up visiting the Kaindy Lake.

The other place of interest is the Big Almaty Lake formed by numerous strongest earthquakes. The landscapes change here for several times within a year, and the water in the lake turns intense green and then sparkling blue. The tourists come here not only to admire of beauty of the nature but also make wonderful photos as mementos. 

Located in the largest national part of Kazakhstan, the barchan resembles the half-moon and has the unique “musical talent”. Hundreds of scientists had been studying the nature of these areas for decades but they had failed to know the reason why the barchan produces sounds of the wind instrument. 

And, of course, don’t forget about extreme mountain tourism. Shymbulak ski resort invites you to enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Everyone can find activities after his/her heart here, pep up, enjoy burst of energy and plenty of positive impressions.

TRANSAVIA TOUR offers not high prices for all excursions to Kazakhstan, that is why we offer to familiarize with a full list of tours and services and perfectly  spend your rest time.

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