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Singing barkhan a miracle of Kazakhstan

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Have you ever heard the dunes sing? Do you think this is from the realm of fantasy? But nature is so rich in unique sights, that even Singing barkhan was created by it. This miracle is located on the territory of modern Kazakhstan, in the largest national park of the country Altyn-Emel.

Singing barkhan can be called the most famous landmark of Kazakhstan. It is not surprising, because the mystery of the "musical talent" of this dune, which has the shape of a crescent moon, was too stiff to handle even for a scientific community. The reason why the Singing Barkhan makes sounds like organ tunes is still remains a mystery.

"Musical abilities" of the famous dune are not limited to this. Sometimes the sound of a Singing Barkhan, audible over a distance of several kilometers, resembles the noise of an aircraft engine. Those who managed to hear the "concert" of this dune at least once say that such a feeling can not be forgotten.

Breathtaking view, unusual shape, and unique musical abilities made the Singing Barkhan a landmark of Kazakhstan. If you do not know how to begin an acquaintance with this country, then going to the "concert" in the Altyn-Emel national park will be an excellent choice. Such an unusual musical accompaniment will allow you to get unmatched emotions. And the fact that the largest national park in Kazakhstan keeps many more miracles in it will turn your journey to the Singing Barchan in an amazing adventure.

Only an excellent tour-service can increase a hundred times the pleasant impressions of a trip to the Altyn-Emel National Park. Specialists from Trip to KZ will professionally organize a trip to the Singing Barkhan. To discover the unique wonders of Kazakhstan, it is enough to order a callback on the site – and our consultants will make an individual or group tour to the wonderful national park Altyn-Emel on the basis of your wishes.


Be sure to take with you: a camera, snack, drinks (at least 2 liters of liquid for 1 person), sunscreen and glasses.

How to dress: a hat, windbreaker or jacket, comfortable walking shoes (no slippers), sports closed pants.

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