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Lake Kaindy – a unique miracle, created by the force of nature
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Nature is the most skillful creator. Even using destructive power, it creates a new, no less, and maybe even more unique miracle on the wreckage of the old. This is how you can characterize the mountain lake of Kaindy, which arose as a result of the strongest earthquake in Tien Shan in 1911. This unique natural site is located on the territory of modern Kazakhstan, 275 km to the south-east from Almaty, at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level.

Forest under the water and endless birch groves

The natural disaster of 1911 created landscapes of magnificent beauty in the Chon-Urekta gorge. Collapsed rocks blocked the river and formed Lake Kaindy, which now attracts a huge number of tourists, eager to make amazingly beautiful photographs.

Lake Kaindy is unique, because a real pine forest is located in its waters. Trees that went under the water more than a hundred years ago, look really and truly incredible. Their tops dried up, needles were shattered – such lifeless sight reminds of a long-time disaster and the great power of the force of nature.

However, the underwater part of the pines has withstood the ravages of time, and in green needles covered with algae, fish and other aquatic inhabitants live comfortably. Through the limpid waters of Lake Kaindy an unusual underwater world is very clearly visible, and this emotions is even more run high – in such a place one immediately understands that nature revives life even after a great catastrophe. If you were looking for a place where you can see so many unusual things and at the same time get a powerful energy boost, Lake Kaindy is what you need.

Here you can enjoy an unusual underwater forest, breathe in clean, light air of endless birch groves, renew your mental strength and add singularly beautiful photos to the photo album.

TransAvia Tour specialists will make an individual or group tour for you to this landmark of Kazakhstan according to your wishes. Order a callback on the site right now – do not put off the trip to a perfect dream lake of Kaindy!

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