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Lake Issyk – a newborn pearl

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казахско-русско язычный гид, транспорт от отеля и обратно, входные билеты в музеи, экопост.

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Lake Issyk is a unique landmark of Kazakhstan. It was formed about ten thousand years ago as a result of a heavy rockfall in the northwestern part of the Tien Shan at an altitude of more than 1,700 meters.  Lake Issyk is located just 40 kilometers east of Almaty – the "southern capital" of Kazakhstan. 

This place is attractive for tourists for two reasons: landscapes are incredibly beautiful here, and the history of the famous lake everyone, to whom it is told, listens with aspiration.

Lake Issyk surely can be called a newborn pearl of Kazakhstan. In 1963, a destructive mudflow went down from Zharsai mount and demolished everything, including a natural dam, that kept the lake from the west. As a result of that disaster, the Issyk River changed its course and the Issyk Lake became catastrophically smaller.

The famous mountain lake got a new life in the 90s of last century. The restoration of the destroyed dam and the construction of a mudflow "trap" returned the waters of Lake Issyk to its shores. Although the lake has not reached its former size yet, this place remains incredibly beautiful.

Today Issyk Lake and Issyk Gorge, in which it is located, is again a favorite holiday destination for locals and guests of the country. Destructive mudflow traces can still be observed here: for this purpose a special viewing platform was constructed, from which the unique landscapes of this region are visible.


Soft-wood forest, alpine meadows, an incredibly large number of amazing flora and fauna representatives – all of this you will find here, in a place where the Issyk Lake has been revived. And that your holiday in the beautiful region of Kazakhstan was a great success, entrust its organization to professionals. TransAvia Tour will help you to plan an individual or group tour itinerary. We will also organize the necessary type of transfer and accommodation conditions that meet your wishes.

Do not put off till tomorrow the opportunity to touch the amazingly clear and cool water of Lake Issyk! Order a callback on our website and go to a place where you are charged with amazingly strong vitality.

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