99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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Excursion to “assy” plateau




1 day

Per person if a group of 10+ people

11,600 tenge a person, if the group consists of 10 persons

Per person for individual tour

less than 10 persons, the price is calculated individually

In price included

Kazakh-Russian language guide, transport from the hotel and back, eco-post.

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High-mountain Assy plateaus is also called Assy-Turgen; it is located East of Almaty, just hundreds of kilometers. 

In summer the Assy plateau acquires spectacular shades and rave of color, as there is a number of various plants, blooming just on the stones.

In these places you can see a lot of amazing and beautiful landscapes that you will want to capture on camera, for instance, beautiful flowers, bizarre trees, picturesque hills, moss-covered stones, herds of horses peacefully grazing on the plains and the river with incredibly clear water. You can catch fish in the river and pitch camp in a beautiful grove at night.

In winter the Assy plateau becomes incredibly beautiful: a magically blue sky and pearly white snowy landscapes make simply fall in love of everyone who came to these places. One gets the feeling that you are on another planet. You must travel to the Assy plateau only by a powerful SUV-vehicle, otherwise you will not even get to the plateau itself. There are few roads and those that become visible are unmet ailed roads or quite rolled by visitors of this magnificent place. 

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