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Tours to the Charyn Canyon

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Do you dream of a walk in a place that really amazes with its scope and embodies the incredible power of nature? Then go explore the Charyn canyon – a stunning landmark in the south-eastern part of Kazakhstan. Yes, you heard right: on the Eurasian continent, you can touch the natural stone statues, which are about 12 million years old. Charyn Canyon is inferior in size to the world-famous Grand Canyon of Colorado in North America, but not inferior in scope and magnificence of landscapes.

The wonders of the Charyn canyon or the unique valley of the Charyn river

This unique natural asset is located about 200 km from Almaty, near the Kazakh-Chinese border. The canyon extends 154 km in length and 20-80 m wide. As a result of hard work of the Charyn River, wind and time, the height of the steep slopes in some places reaches 300 meters. It is a real paradise for those who love eco-tourism and long walks.

There is one amazing place in the Charyn canyon, where the imagination draws some magnificent civilization that fell down long ago for unknown reasons. This natural wonder is called "Valley of Castles". The sculptures of an amazing shape are really very similar to the destroyed ancient structures – so nature skillfully worked on the stone blocks.

Charyn Canyon is a part of the Charyn National Park. It is not surprising that this place is protected by law: an ancient ash-tree grove, which was a witness of the glacial period, is located here. To touch the relict rock is like making an incredible time travel. Emotions and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

As a huge pleasant bonus to the breathtaking scenery you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique representatives of flora and fauna: many members of the Kazakhstan Red Data Book live in groves and bushes of the Charyn canyon.

Transavia Tour will help you to look at Kazakhstan from a new, unexplored side. We will organize for you an unforgettable journey along the Charyn canyon, full of emotions and delight. Order a callback on our website – and we will help you to see this natural wonder with your own eyes!

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