Kazakhstan Where to Go and What to See

The Orthodox Ascension Cathedral in Almaty, built out of wood and with no nails.

Where to go and what to see?  Sadly, for most people, when considering and planning a visit to Kazakhstan – the ninth largest country in the world – the answer can’t be “everywhere and everything”.

Most people seem to go to Almaty – the largest city, the historic capital, and a great point to visit some of the beautiful natural attractions.

The second major destination is Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana), the futuristic modern capital of the country.

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Almaty City Tour

Almaty is simultaneously ancient and modern, and always an interesting city.

Our tour of the city will show you 19th century architecture, monuments, and magnificent street art, large distinctive modern buildings, and smaller historic structures.

The tour is a great opportunity to understand the history of the city and to see the magnificent landscapes of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain range immediately outside the city!

During this tour you will reach a height of 10,000 ft (3200 m) above sea level, where you can take unforgettable photos over the city and beyond.

The guided tour is available in a selection of languages and typically starts between 9-10am when you are collected from your hotel, and you’re returned back at the end of the tour, usually between 5-6pm.  The tour is a mix of walking and being driven.

Among highlights are traveling a short distance out of town to the Medeo ice skating rink and Shymbulak ski resort (both fascinating all year round), and within the city, visiting Republic Square, the Panfilovsky Park of 28 Heroes, and the Green Bazaar.

Tour Details

All day (8 hours)

Activity Level


Tour Price

$70-120 per person