99/1 Naurizbay Batira St, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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The city of Aktau in Kazakhstan is often called the White Stoned. It is comfortably located on the coast of the Caspian Sea in extremely continental climatic zone. This particular region is the sea-gate and its only port.

It is worth pointing out that climate is particularly ruthless here.  In hot weather the ground can be heated up to 75 degree Celsius that makes sandy beaches like a desert. Thanks to the fresh sea breeze and numerous clean sandy beaches, the green city annually welcomes thousands of tourists with all traditional hospitality.

Foremost attractions of Aktau

The city is too green planed, and a large number of historical monuments and majestic buildings increase its charm. Besides beach tourism and architecture, travelers should visit the following attractions:

  • Sherkala;

  • Ustyurt;

  • Valley of spheres;

  • Saura. 

A real asset is the holy mounting Sherkala. In ancient times there was a majestic fortress on its top, and at the foot was passing a legendary Silk Road. Local warn that it is very difficult to climb a mountain, but it is much more difficult to go down. Numerous legends and beliefs say that in deep caves of Sherkala still live dangerous forces – evil spirits, which should not be disturbed.

The Ustyurt Plateau – is one more legendary and picturesque corner of the city of Aktau. Millions of years ago there was a bottom of the majestic ocean of Tethys, the harden inhabitants of which are still found to the present days. Currently, the Ustyurt Nature Reserve has been established here, the workers of which are carefully guarding wild birds and animals, currently living on site.

Would you like to visit the Easter Island and to see Moai statues? It is not necessary to overcome the Pacific Ocean as to reach this. “TransAvia Tour” offers to discover no less mysterious area - the Valley of spheres on the peninsula Mangystau. Scientists- archeologists are still unable to puzzle out a mystery of apparition of perfectly round shape stone spheres. 

The oldest Saura lake is a necessary to visit item of interest. It is a real oasis among the desert, where old willows and dense thickets of goat willow meets.

Company “TransAvia Tour” offers to visit unique city of Aktau. Here you can book a comfortable trip to Kazakhstan, which will leave a lot of positive emotions and truly lasting impression. 

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